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Knase Company, Inc.

Exclusive world wide distributor of Pickwick Poultry Products

The Pickwick Company applied for its first patent in 1932. Its founder F.E. Corey and the Polehna family in Cedar Rapids, IA were owners of a long-established meat market and wanted a better way to pick feathers from the chickens raised on their family farm. Thus, the drum picker was born.

Over the years the picker and processing equipment designed by Pickwick have been copied or reinvented. In 1946 the Russians in Vladivostok claim to have designed a drum picker. However, this was three months after receiving a shipment of machines from Pickwick Co of Cedar Rapids, IA.

As the USDA started to impose sanitation requirements on smaller butcher shops, these shops either had to grow to afford the extra cost or stop butchering all together. The Spin-Pik batch line of poultry equipment and supplies developed by Pickwick helped these shops to increase capacity and was extremely successful for chickens, turkey and duck processors nationwide.

Still today, Pickwick has stuck by it roots and continues to make equipment for the do-it-yourself market. The Hom-Pik’s, SPJ batch picker and Econo System continue to sell today.

In today’s market you are flooded with copied equipment, blue prints and books on how to make your own poultry processing equipment. Why buy imitations when you can still buy the original?